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BreakThrough! Cognitive Restructuring - Lifestyle Recovery

New Online BreakThrough! Groups Begin Every Month.

BreakThrough! is the #1 telehealth provider for the evidence-based treatment of mental health disorders that contribute to emotional eating behavior and the development of metabolic disorder and type 2 diabetes. Since 2014, the BreakThrough! team has offered structured mental health programs for individuals and groups that align with integrated care initiatives to promote behavioral change.

Metabolic disorders are rapidly claiming the #1 spot for preventable lifestyle related deaths and associated illnesses across all age groups.

Evidence-Based Practices Address Your Clients’ Mental Health Disorders

Endorsed by the American Counseling Association, NBCC, and other organizations, BreakThrough! helps your clients begin their unique journey of recovery from depression, anxietyanxiety addiction, trauma as well as social and environmental challenges that have kept them stuck.

The 12 session course is offered in both closed and open 90-minute groups, and may be run in house, or by our trained providers. In between sessions, patients are encouraged to access our online learning platform, attend live webinar sessions, or join our popular “after hours” peer support group following course completion.

BreakThrough! is entirely supported by our work with clients and healthcare organizations. We do not endorse, promote, or allow any product placement or advertising on our site or client resources.

New BreakThrough Groups begin the first week of every month. For availability, scheduling and cost information please contact us directly at:

Team BreakThrough! ( or call (360) 899 6267 M-F 8 AM to 8 PM EST.


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