Choosing a Weight Loss Program

By Heather Hamilton, PhD., LMHC, NCC, DCC  |  ©2022BreakThrough!

In most instances, maintaining good dietary habits can substantially improve mental-emotional, and physical wellness. There are hundreds of different programs, books, courses, and sponsored sites dedicated to losing weight. We are told to eat certain foods…not eat certain foods. But how do we know how to choose the best weight loss and wellness program for our body type? We don’t. Until we’ve had the opportunity to have lab work reviewed with a medical provider and meet with a nutritionist…we’re simply guessing! Clearly reducing sugar, carbs, and unhealthy fats is a good start, but then what? Some people thrive on Keto others consider it the fifth four-letter expletive. We can guess what foods work for us, or we can make an appointment and get the guidance we need to make informed choices.

Restaurant Dining

The good news is that eating well is in many cases easier and less expensive than we think. For example, there are some good choices when it comes to eating out in restaurants. That said, we also have to recognize that in many instances, take-out food is highly processed, laden with salt and additives, and simply unhealthy. If you find yourself in the drive-through lane more times a week than you’d like it might be time to consider some simple meal and snack prep at home. An all-or-nothing approach seldom works. The social aspect of eating out is an important part of our culture. We can find healthy options before we get to a restaurant.

Organic and Free of Pesticides

One factor in preparing meals at home is simply a greater level of control over choosing what foods are on our plates. By preparing your own food you know exactly what is going into the preparation as well as how it is being prepared. When possible seek out ingredients that are organic and free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Most importantly, choose to prepare dishes that are based upon fruits, nuts, beans, grains, and vegetables as opposed to ingredients that are processed, boxed, packaged, or canned.

Food Prepared in the Home

Finally, one little dirty secret of the food manufacturing industry is that they routinely add salt, sugar, and other ingredients (like high fructose corn syrup) that are designed to promote food addiction and obesity. When food is prepared at home with carefully selected ingredients, it’s far less likely that food addiction and obesity will prevail. With obesity becoming one of the most serious medical concerns of modern times, now is the best time to take control of your own dietary habits to ensure your long-term health. An integrated approach gives you a superior approach for long-term wellness. Work with your primary care and BreakThrough! providers to stay healthy, fit, and happy in today’s modern world.

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