Do This One Thing to Lose Weight

Do This One Thing to Lose Weight
By Heather Hamilton, PhD., LMHC, NCC, DCC  |  ©2022BreakThrough!

We’ve all have fallen at least once for a celebrity-endorsed weight loss program that promises “You just have to do this one BLANK thing and you’ll feel better and lose weight…”

  • Lose massive amounts of weight
  • Have the energy to run across America
  • Look 10 years younger
  • Win the Nobel Prize for the most inspirational, influential person of the year!

Breaking Through the False Promises of Fad Diets

The BreakThrough Program is for people who are ready for a change of any kind. Pay Attention…THERE IS NO MISLEADING GIMMICK…We don’t ask people to scroll through 168 ads just to find that the article is selling another weight loss supplement or another meal subscription. All we ask is that you focus on what you do already! Making changes is really that simple. BreakThrough! teaches you to think differently, to engage your strengths, and develop the confidence to reach your weight loss goals. We cannot change how we feel unless we change how we think! The structured 4 R BreakThrough! approach

  • Recognition
  • Resistance
  • Resilience
  • Recovery

will engage your brain and support you in recovering from depression, anxiety, and stagnation.

Seriously…stagnation may not be a diagnosis but we all know it when we feel it. It has elements of denial, procrastination, frustration and for some – serious binging…food, t.v., sleep…At this point, you have nothing to lose but poor self-confidence, sadness, and frustration. If you’re ready to make lasting changes consider this remarkable path forward.


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